[Tinyos-2-commits] [tinyos-main] r5728 committed - The new MSP430 TI header files do not define '__msp430_headers_adc12_h...

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Wed Sep 7 09:13:18 PDT 2011

Revision: 5728
Author:   jan.hauer
Date:     Wed Sep  7 09:12:46 2011
Log:      The new MSP430 TI header files do not  
define '__msp430_headers_adc12_h' anymore, instead they  
use '__MSP430_HAS_ADC12__' to signal that the ADC12 module is available.  
This is a problem, because msp430/McuSleepC.nc then ignores the ADC flags  
when checking the power state (msp430hardware.h only  
checks '__msp430_headers_adc12_h'). This commit fixes that problem.


--- /trunk/tos/chips/msp430/msp430hardware.h	Sat Jun 18 12:58:12 2011
+++ /trunk/tos/chips/msp430/msp430hardware.h	Wed Sep  7 09:12:46 2011
@@ -322,11 +322,11 @@
  // define platform constants that can be changed for different compilers
  // these are all msp430-gcc specific (add as necessary)

-#ifdef __msp430_headers_adc10_h
+#ifdef __msp430_headers_adc10_h || defined(__MSP430_HAS_ADC10__)
  #define __msp430_have_adc10

-#ifdef __msp430_headers_adc12_h
+#if defined(__msp430_headers_adc12_h) || defined(__MSP430_HAS_ADC12__)
  #define __msp430_have_adc12

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