[Tinyos-devel] Ident.h

David Gay dgay at intel-research.net
Thu Jul 15 10:55:25 PDT 2004

Cory Sharp wrote:
>>Sadly, in C on a Harvard architecture, you can't store "static const" variables
>>in ROM (at least not without jumping through horrible hoops on pointer
>>representation and pointer dereferencing). So there goes the RAM...
> Just curious, so how do string constants like "igglywiggly" work?  Are
> those stored in RAM?  I kind of assumed that "static const" behaved
> similarly.

They are in RAM on micas (copied there at boot time like all other initialised 

> As for componentization of the ident data, what benefits do we expect
> to get by componetizing this data?  The header file is a
> keep-it-simple attempt.  It minimally exposes the functionality deemed
> necessary for using that ident information.

Well we could store it in flash on platforms that don't support flash-based 
initialised data.

Also, I'd say your question is reversed: in TinyOS all functionality is supposed 
to be provided by components. Why should we suddenly start providing random C 
functions and variables? (and before you ask, I'm not a big fan of things like 
TOSH_uwait either)


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