[Tinyos-devel] commits mailing list

kamin at EECS.Berkeley.EDU kamin at EECS.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Jun 9 19:56:59 PDT 2004

When Tim Kientzle was interviewing for Tinyos Czar, he indicated that on some projects it is a requirement that anybody with commit priveledges be on a CVS-commits email list, which shows all changes to CVS.  Since everybody is going to see your log message and all changes as soon as you commit something, it is supposed to encourge more informative log messages and better review of the committed code.

I've been testing this idea for the past few weeks, watching all the code and log messages fly by, and I think it would be a great policy for us to implement.  Our log messages are shamefully sparse and being able to see what people are working on should encourage both better code review and long-distance collaboration.  I feel much more aware of active development (contrib/xbow, deluge, and msp430) with the mailing list than after a typical NEST meeting.  Encouragingly, there are typically less than 15 commits per day, so this is a small responsibility to bear for people who have commit priveledges.  

What do people think?

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