[Tinyos-devel] GenericComm

David M. Doolin doolin at ce.berkeley.edu
Tue Jun 29 16:38:38 PDT 2004

Philip Levis wrote:


> I'm just generally arguing for more finely grained components. Our 
> direction right now seems to be towards small numbers of large 
> components, and that really makes adaptation difficult in the long run.

System development is facilitated by larger numbers of smaller
components.  Application development is facilitated by smaller
numbers of larger components.  For example, writing any kind
of sizeable app directly on libc is masochistic.  Using
libc to define an application developer library is reasonable.
The apache project's apr (apache portable runtime) layer could
be considered a canonical example.  (Java may go too far
down this road.)

There is an essential tension here.  I have no answers, just
an opinion expressing bias towards application development
(smaller numbers of larger components).  Is there a way
to do both?  Maybe by adding nesC support?



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