[Tinyos-devel] nesC 1.1.1 beta3

David Gay david.e.gay at intel.com
Mon Mar 1 15:34:57 PST 2004

      Release Name: v1.1.1beta3

Last release before final.
The only changes will be bug fixes and, possibly, the set of reserved keywords.


- support -Wparentheses (warnings on statements like 'if (var = value) ...',
  and other similar C pitfalls)
- nesC editing modes for emacs, vim and kde (kate, kwrite, kdevelop):
  these are in tools/editor-modes, and get installed to 
  /lib/ncc/editor-modes. Read the appropriate readme.txt file
  for installation directions
- new hwevent, atomic_hwevent attributes to tell nesC which functions
  are interrupt entry points (hwevent: interrupt entry point, invoked
  with interrupts enabled; atomic_hwevent: interrupt entry point, invoked
  with interrupts disabled) - these should ease porting to new platforms
- new keywords (future use): abstract, new

David Gay
dgay at intel-research.net

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