[Tinyos-devel] the MPS430 sleep model and start/stop behavior

Ion Yannopoulos ion at eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 28 11:13:59 PST 2005

Yuval Peduel wrote:

> Good. But I'm a newbie to this list. Am I allowed access to the 
> archives? The message I got from Kristin Wright said:
>> After invoking the silence-infers-agreement rule regarding yesterday's
>> mail (below), tinyos-devel at mail.millennium.berkeley.edu is now
>> officially open and public. Anyone can join tinyos-devel and the
>> archives are private.
> so if they are private, it isn't clear that I do have access.

The tinyos-devel archives were private, but this should no longer be 
true. However what Joe is referring you to is the 2.0 working group 
archives, which are public:


The discussion of SplitControl v. StdControl (and where you use both) is 
in the January archive.


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