[Tinyos-devel] Retiring tinyos-2_0_devel-BRANCH

Philip Levis pal at cs.stanford.edu
Thu Dec 14 16:51:39 PST 2006

Earlier this week, Vlado merged all of the fixes in the 2.0 release  
and -devel branches into the HEAD branch of the tinyos-2.x CVS  
module. The intention is that active development will now mostly  
occur on HEAD, with the exception that major system revisions (which  
need to go through partially-working states) will occur on separate  
branches. I've removed write access to the -devel and -release  
branches. So from now on, if you want the most up to date TinyOS 2.0  
code, you do not need to use a branch tag.

If you currently have CVS checked out on a branch, the easiest way to  
update to HEAD is with the -A flag.

cd src/tinyos-2.x
cvs -z3 update -dP -A

This clears all tags from your checkout.

This transition doesn't mean that the code is set in stone, as the  
recent discussions about the low-level serial interfaces shows.  
Rather, it's now in a stable enough state that you should be able to  
check it out and use it.

Next week I'm going to be sending out information on the new bug  
reporting approach. I think many people would agree that the current  
one is pretty lackluster, so we're going to try something different  
that will help monitoring and get bug fixes into the tree.


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