[Tinyos-devel] AVR binutils problems: whither the AVR toolchain?

Kristin Wright l.kristin.wright at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 11:33:55 PST 2006

oh, yeah. we just throw those source files up there without any
testing at all. just willy nilly


those source files do work with the avr platforms. I assume since
you're building from source that you have something that the provided
rpms won't build on. (and a side note: ben greenstein has translated
them to debian packages relatively easily using some rpm conversion

Looking at the spec from which the rpms are created, it looks as if
all you need is this:
./configure --target=avr

Also, the entire build process is checked into the source tree in the
form of rpm spec files. The 1.2 version of the tools is in
tinyos-1.x/tools/release. All the spec files are exactly the ones used
to create the rpms. (These files are used for both 2.x and 1.x since
the tool-chain is compatible.) You will find the msp and avr toolchain
spec files there.


On 2/9/06, Geoffrey Mainland <mainland at eecs.harvard.edu> wrote:
> As part of moving to the latest version of nesc I decided to upgrade my
> version of the AVR binutils using avr-binutils-2.15tinyos.tgz (located
> both at http://www.tinyos.net/dist-1.2.0/tools/source/ and
> http://www.tinyos.net/dist-2.0.0/tools/source/). This didn't go very
> well (I built from source). Apparently this version of the binutils
> distribution doesn't support the atmega128 CPU, making it useless for
> pretty much anything tinyos-related (like, say, building micaz binaries
> :). There was a message on tinyos-help from someone having the same
> problem on Linux
> (https://mail.millennium.berkeley.edu/pipermail/tinyos-help/2005-July/010497.html),
> and I know of another person having the same problem on Windows. Was
> this version of binutils tested before putting it up on the TinyOS site?
> Has nobody else had this problem?
> In general now that avr-as is no longer part of the nesc build, there is
> no clear way to build the avr toolchain from source as there is for the
> msp430 (via tools/src/mspgcc in the tinyos repo). Since builds are
> obviously being done to generate packages, could this build process be
> checked in somewhere? The avr tools seem to be languishing... Is there a
> plan for them?
> Thanks,
> Geoff
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