[Tinyos-devel] darwin support for serial libs

Peizhao Hu peizhao at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Aug 6 06:17:06 PDT 2007

As the latest TinyOS-2.x CVS tree has built-in support for Mac OS X 
(Intel), you can just reinstall a fresh copy of TinyOS-2.x from CVS.
I installed few weeks back, and I didn't have any problem with it.
please follow the instruction below:


(Note: Patch is not needed anymore!!!)



Cormac Duffy wrote:
> Is it possible to update the tinyos2.x cvs tree with minor changes to 
> add serial support for mac os x darwin?
> Aside from 2 small changes to the NativeSerial_linux.cxx file (could be 
> copied to a NativeSerial_darwin.cxx) 
> The Makefile.am <http://Makefile.am> in both
> ./tools/tinyos/java/env/
> ./tools/tinyos/java/serial/
> and one line added to configure.ac <http://configure.ac> in ./tools
> The changes would be minimal and it would allow mac os x users to build 
> easily the tinyos-2.x source tree without having to workout what I did 
> again.
> Cormac
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