[Tinyos-devel] Deluge T2

Aurélien Francillon aurelien.francillon at inrialpes.fr
Fri Jun 8 07:37:34 PDT 2007

it's great to have deluge in Tinyos 2 thanks for the work !
> JHU has been working on porting Deluge from TinyOS 1 to TinyOS 2. 
> Feel free togive it a try, and send us any feedbacks about it.

a few comments/patches  :
- bnp.extra doesn't contrains the support for micaz (see patch 
- tinyos_deluge_micaz_signal_h_warning.patch removes a warning when building 
Bootloader against recent avr-libc (this change is already present in 
tos/chips/atm128/atm128hardware.h, but TOSBoot builds against tinyos-1.x  
source ... ) 
- a small patch to the "burn" script such that it uses tos-deluge from the 
PATH if present.
- what about putting the InternalFlash component into standard directory 
(instead of lib/net/Deluge subdirs ),  such that it would be usable by any 
tinyos app? 
Of course a problem with this is that components/applications should be 
carefull to not overwrite each other data...

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