[Tinyos-devel] platforms with 4 leds

J. Ryan Stinnett jryans at rice.edu
Thu Jun 21 16:51:19 PDT 2007

I was just browsing through the patch and noticed a small typo in 
intelmote2/PlatformLedsC.nc where you have:

Led3 - NoPinC;

which should be:

Led3 = NoPinC;

- Ryan

Jan Beutel wrote:
> while reviving the btnode3 platform support i created a patch to support
> 4 leds (yes there are such paltforms) and added this to app/Blink. 
> as i can't compile all platforms i am not checking it in yet... maybe
> some of the more exotic platform maintainers can check this out and let
> me know if things work out. i have tried mica2 and mica2dot, telos and
> btnode3
> best,
> jan

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