[Tinyos-devel] platforms with 4 leds

Vlado Handziski handzisk at tkn.tu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 21 22:48:58 PDT 2007

The missing LEDs TEP (old joke) would have said that the current agreement
is for HIL (i.e. platform-independent applications) to support only 3 LEDs.
Everything above this is a platform-specific feature.  The current practise
is motivated by the fact that it is very hard/confusing to "emulate" missing
LEDs on platforms that don't have as many LEDs as the HIL specifies. This is
different from the NoPinC approach, because HIL is a contract, saying you
can expect this to behave reasonably similar on all tinyos platforms (the
degree of similarity is still under discussion, i.e. see the radio metadata
threads). And having a LED command being silently ignored on some platforms
can not be considered "similar" behavior.

eyesIFX also has 4 LEDs that are exported at HAL level in PlatformLedsC,
while LedsP implements the 3 LEDs HIL contract. So btnode3 can have a 4 LEDs
PlatformLedsC HAL, without changing the HIL. The apps in /app (apart from
/app/tests where we do have platform-specific tests)  are platform
independent, so Blink should remain as is until the 3 LEDs at HIL decision
is changed.


On 6/21/07, Jan Beutel <j.beutel at ieee.org> wrote:
> while reviving the btnode3 platform support i created a patch to support
> 4 leds (yes there are such paltforms) and added this to app/Blink.
> as i can't compile all platforms i am not checking it in yet... maybe
> some of the more exotic platform maintainers can check this out and let
> me know if things work out. i have tried mica2 and mica2dot, telos and
> btnode3
> best,
> jan
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