[Tinyos-devel] avr-gcc 4.x upgrade

Janos Sallai sallai at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Tue Oct 23 20:26:19 PDT 2007

I spent some time with avr-gcc 4.x in the past few days. It appears to works fine with T2. All the apps compile the same way as with avr-gcc 3.x. The select few I installed on real motes appeared to work as expected. The code size is typically 5% smaller. I can share with you  the outputs of “make micaz”, should you be interested in the details.


The following modifications need to be made in order to set up an avr-gcc 4.x based build environment.

-         upgrade to nesc 1.2.9

-         upgrade to the latest stable binutils/avr-gcc/avr-libc with patches for the new Atmel MCUs

-         update make files with dual support for avr-gcc 3.x and 4.x

-         optionally, install avrdude (an in-system programmer that supports the new Atmel MCUs)


Should you be interested in testing the updated toolchain, the srpms and rpms (for linux and windows) are available at 

HYPERLINK "http://www.isis.vanderbilt.edu/Projects/NEST/tinyos-2.x-iris/tools/release/external-tools/"http://www.isis.vanderbilt.edu/Projects/NEST/tinyos-2.x-iris/tools/release/external-tools/


The updated makefiles are at 

HYPERLINK "http://www.isis.vanderbilt.edu/Projects/NEST/tinyos-2.x-iris/support/make/"http://www.isis.vanderbilt.edu/Projects/NEST/tinyos-2.x-iris/support/make/

(make sure to copy over the avr directory, as well)


So the bottom line is that it might not be that painful of a step to move over to gcc 4.x. Of course, we would need to thoroughly test the generated code before we make the move. One potential problem I am aware of is the removal of some gcc extensions with version 4.x, such as cast expression as lvalue, which some third party code may use. There were some other concerns that came up in the telecon, which I can’t recall.


I’d be particularly interested in David Moss’s tunit test results with an avr-gcc 4.x based toolchain. If that works fine, I’d be pretty confident that there are no major issues with a potential upgrade.



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