[Tinyos-devel] Problem in tinyOS serial communication.

David Sanchez David.Sanchez at cnm.es
Fri Sep 7 02:05:50 PDT 2007

At 09:46 07/09/2007, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>I'm actually working in a TinyOS project with mica2 motes and MIB510 
>gateway, all of CROSSBOW.
>I have written a program in java for PC-Mote communication. The Mote -> PC 
>it works correctly and I can view the messages that the motes send but the 
>side PC -> Mote it doesn't work right.
>I am trying to send the 7E 42 04 00 11 7D 5D 00 01 01 7E but motes in the 
>network have anything.
>PD: The program in the motes is symple so I think the problem it is how to 
>send the data via the MIB510 and the serial packet format.
>Anybody can help me?,
>Thanks in advance,
>see you son,
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