[Tinyos-devel] problem of using FTSP and CTP

Branislav Kusy kusy at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 20 16:00:26 PDT 2009

there is a bug in CTP that causes CTP to hang forever, if any other 
component wires ActiveMessageC (rather than AMSenderC). described in 
this thread:

FTSP is one such components, thus CTP will hang when used with FTSP. one 
option would be to write system/AMTimeSyncSenderC.nc component that 
provides the TimeSyncAMSend interface that FTSP needs. i don't like this 
solution as there start to be too many timesync related files that 
mirror the radio stack files. perhaps the timestamping code should be 
redesigned? fixing the CTP bug would also help ;)


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