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Sam Madden madden at cs.berkeley.edu
Thu Jan 8 12:43:35 PST 2004

On Jan 6, 2004, at 10:30 AM, Nicola Hulme wrote:

> Hi
> 1. I have been trying to set up the TASK function. I have got the 
> TASKVisualizer running but when I try and visualise the results e.g on 
> a graph, I select the nodes, chose graph and choose the parameters but 
> then nothing happens, does anyone know why this may be?

What data rate are you sampling at?  Do the sensors show values when 
you move the mouse over them in the visualization pane?

> 2. Also I am looking for more documentation about the functionality of 
> TASK, I have looked through the /docs section of TinyOS1.1 but was 
> wondering is anyone knew of any other manuals of documents available.

Besides the installation instructions, the only documentation currently 
available is in the docs/TASKVisualizer.pdf document.  The back-end 
(mote side) of TASK is very similar to TinyDB, so the TinyDB 
documentation on the code structure applies here as well.

> 3. Also when a query is run in TASK where are the results store and 
> how can they be viewed?

The results are stored in a postgres database.  The name of the 
database is specified in the file 
"tinyos-1.x/tools/java/net/tinyos/tinydb/tinydb.conf".  The table name 
in the database is specified when you start the query.  If you did not 
specify a name, the default is "queryn_results" where n is the query 


> Thanks for the help
> Nicky
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