[Tinyos-help] I need some info on Power Management support

Santosh Kumar kumars at cis.ohio-state.edu
Thu Jan 8 14:19:45 PST 2004

    I have the following questions regarding power management support in TinyOS:

1. What is the wakeup latency when using snooze() operation for power saving? Four cycles (542 ns on MICA2) are needed to wakeup the processor from its powersave mode. How many additional cycles are needed to execute the timer interrupt and other operations in the wakeup call?

2. If anyone has field experience using snooze(), can you please comment on what is the wakeup latency observed in the field?

3. Has anyone been able to get the power consumption down to 10 uA or 12 uA in the sleep mode as claimed on the Crossbow website http://www.xbow.com/Support/tinyos.htm ?

4. Is it possible to shutdown (i.e. switch off) a mote remotely (using some messages)?

    I will appreciate any information in this regard. Thanks.

Have a nice day,
Santosh Kumar,
Ohio State University
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