[Tinyos-help] mica2dot temperature sensor

Ömer Sinan Kaya oskaya at softhome.net
Sat Jan 10 04:30:17 PST 2004

i think you should call temperature sensors getdata function instead of 
calling some function in hardware.h . It shouldn't be different from 
acquiring data from photo sensor or other sensor. I remember having 
written an application to receive data from Temp sensor on Mica2 mote 
which used to work correctly. Received data should be converted to 
celsius using a formula which is found in the datasheet of Mica2. 
However, for the case of mica2dot we have received varying data with 
temperature increase and decrease but we couldn't find a formula to 
convert it to celsius.

Mythili Srinivasan wrote:

>  I'm trying to get the onboard temperature sensor's value of mica2dot. 
>I modified the OscilloscopeRF application to get the data. As I 
>couldn't find ADC component for mica2dot (is it b'coz of internal 
>ADC?), I tried calling getADC() function available in hardware.h... 
>This ofcourse gets compiled properly. But,the values that I see doesn't 
>make much sense as there is no variation in the values due to some 
>temperature change. One thing I observed is that the MSB is always 0x02 
>and LSB keeps changing in a random fashion. Can anyone suggest me how 
>to proceed? Does anyone possess a working 'mica2dot' temperature data 
>acquisition program?
>Any suggestions are welcome.
>Mythili Srinivasan
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