[Tinyos-help] mica2dot temperature sensor

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Hello Mythili,

There's an application in called xsensordot2 (which I'm including the files
as attachments) that you can look at an see how to use the thermistor in the
MICA2DOT. To view the data, you should use a terminal program, such as
HyperTerminal or similar.

I hope this helps. Would you take a moment to fill our customer satisfaction
survey at http://www.xbow.com/satform.htm? Thank you.

John Suh
Technical Support Engineer
Crossbow Technology, Inc.

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  I did try like this for Mica2 and it gives me correct results. For 
mica2dot, I made the application to call getData() instead of getADC ()...
Still the problem persists. I doubt whether just by accessing the 
ADC, it gives temperature sensor's value. I just want to know which 
components did you use. 'Temp' is one available for temperature. What 
else and how should I use? Am I making some mistake in accessing the 
Temperature sensor?
thanks in advance,
Mythili Srinivasan

> i think you should call temperature sensors getdata function instead
> calling some function in hardware.h . It shouldn't be different from
> acquiring data from photo sensor or other sensor. I remember having 
> written an application to receive data from Temp sensor on Mica2 mote 
> which used to work correctly. Received data should be converted to 
> celsius using a formula which is found in the datasheet of Mica2. 
> However, for the case of mica2dot we have received varying data with 
> temperature increase and decrease but we couldn't find a formula to 
> convert it to celsius.
> Mythili Srinivasan wrote:
> >Hi!
> >  I'm trying to get the onboard temperature sensor's value of
> >I modified the OscilloscopeRF application to get the data. As I
> >couldn't find ADC component for mica2dot (is it b'coz of internal 
> >ADC?), I tried calling getADC() function available in hardware.h... 
> >This ofcourse gets compiled properly. But,the values that I see 
> >make much sense as there is no variation in the values due to some
> >temperature change. One thing I observed is that the MSB is always 
> >and LSB keeps changing in a random fashion. Can anyone suggest me
> >to proceed? Does anyone possess a working 'mica2dot' temperature
> >acquisition program?
> >Any suggestions are welcome.
> >Thanks,
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