[Tinyos-help] Battery Voltage Monitor

Kristin Wright kwright at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 13 11:51:49 PST 2004

I see that John has sent some example code - there are also examples under
tinyos-1.x/apps. Search for 'Temp'. 

That said, it sounds as if you might not be leveraging the existing
components. You can use the Voltage component to get the voltage. There's an
example for how to do this for the mica2dot in contrib/ucb/TestLabApp. If
you don't have a CVS tree yourself, you can view the files from
SourceForge's CVS browsing utility.

That said, you can set and clear pins using macros defined in hardware.h and
avrhardware.h. However, you might not need to do that given the existing

Good luck.



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I am trying to determine the battery voltage of my mote.  In the Crossbow
MPR/MIB Mote User's Manual (Doc. #7430-0021-04 Rev. A) page 15 describes how
to compute the battery voltage by setting processor pins PW7 low and PW5
high.  How do I set these pins to this state?


As a side note, how can I turn the Thermistor on and off? Is it connected to



Chris Murray

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