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Thu Jan 15 18:02:52 PST 2004

You hit the nail on the head: oscilloscope isn't the right app to get maximum radio throughput. It only runs once every 125 ms -- and, in addition to sending a message, gets data via the ADC from the photo sensor. 

Since most of our sample apps do something in addition to sending messages, just hack up your own. The meat of it might be:

event result_t Send.sendDone(TOS_MsgPtr msg) {
     call send(toAddr, sizeof(struct myMsg), msg);


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From: Shahin Farshchi <shahin at ee.ucla.edu>
Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 1:09 pm
Subject: [Tinyos-help] Radio throughput

> Hi folks...  I'm trying to take generic sensor readings using the 
> mica2, but
> when I use OscilloscopeRF to test the radio throughput, I'm only 
> gettingabout 4 packets/sec.  I thought that the max radio 
> throughput is around 46
> packets/sec!  Is there another module/interface I can use for 
> optimal radio
> performance?
> Thanks!
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