[Tinyos-help] java hardware_check results in Node transmission failure

Jim Fred jim.fred at verizon.net
Sat Jan 17 14:57:12 PST 2004

I'm using a mica2dot on a MB510 with Cygwin on the PC. I can download and
run a Blink program to blink the mote's LED, but 'java hardware_check'
results in a 'resynchronising' message and 'Node transmission failure'.
Here's the command sequence:
  [1] cd /opt/tinyos-1.x/apps/MicaHWVerify
  [2] PFLAGS=-DCC1K_MANUAL_FREQ=CC1K_915_998_MHZ make mica2dot
  [3] MIB510=/dev/ttyS0 make reinstall mica2dot
  [4] make -f jmakefile
  [5] MOTECOM=serial at COM1:19200 java hardware_check
       also tried
      MOTECOM=serial at COM1:mica2dot java hardware_check

Step 2 gives the warning about the serial ID since this is for a mica2dot.
This group mentioned, last October, that this is OK and that hardware
verification will just report F's for the ID. The download in step 3 works
but when the mote's program runs, the LED turns on for a second and then
turns off - I expected it to blink instead. In step 5, I then get this:
  Hardware check started
  serial at COM1:19200: resynchronising
  (pause, here, for roughly 15 seconds)
  Node transmission failure

During the pause, when I sniff the serial line between the PC and the MB510,
I can see about 10 packets being sent and something being received as
  sent: 7E 41 0E FF FF 20 7D 5D 02 0C 2C 81 66 7E
  rcvd: 7E 40 0E 02 EC 7E
So the PC is getting a response that roughly correlates with the command
which implies that the port and baud rate is OK. Each command/response
sequence is slightly different, presumably due to a sequence ID - I'm not
sure yet.

2 questions:
  [1] Should I be concerned that the LED isn't blinking?
  [2] Any ideas why the test isn't passing?

Meanwhile, I'll try sending "hello world" from the mote to the PC and see if
HyperTerm can see it.


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