[Tinyos-help] help required for Tinyos 1.1 installation

Kristin Wright kwright at cs.berkeley.edu
Wed Jan 21 09:28:33 PST 2004

Don't reinstall xp. The easiest thing to do is to move your existing cygwin
installation directory to something else (like cygwin-old) and check the
install cygwin box. Then you can move your modified files from cygwin-old
(the code you wrote, for example) back.


Another thing you can do is see why the installshield wizard isn't finding
your cygwin installation. Check out

http://webs.cs.berkeley.edu/tos/iswizard-info-1_1_0.html -- that page has
detailed information about what the IS wizard does including what registry
key/value pairs it looks for when checking for cygwin.







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I have followed the installation procedures and have run into some problems.
I got into the problem described in the uninstall document at


paragraph :



I have followed exactly what is recommended but I still get the following
when I try to remove the tinyos installation :


"Setup cannot find an existing cygwin installation and you did not choose to
install one.  You must either choose to install cygwin or have an existing
cygwin installation"


I have cygwin installed just like the steps suggest in c:\cygwin directory.
I don't know what to do except reinstall XP.



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