[Tinyos-help] question on tinyos uart

ysun2 at nd.edu ysun2 at nd.edu
Sat Jan 10 18:15:44 PST 2004


I have some questions on the mica2 uart configuration.

1. How to set the uart configuration as 9600 Baud, 8 bit, 1 start bit, 2 stop
bit, no parity. We cannot find the clear explaination about the paramters in
the HPLUART.nc & HPLUARTOM.nc files. 

2. How to call UARTSend.send() function in GenericBaseM.nc, so that we can send
string streams, such as 'D,5,-5' ,from mica2 to serials port ? How to set
of this fuction?

Would you like give us examples on those questions?

Thanks a lot

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