[Tinyos-help] Flash memory interfaces

Michael Newman mnewman at dragonnorth.com
Wed Jan 21 13:19:46 PST 2004

There is a general class of flash memory that is written in blocks (lines).
I expected to find an interface that allowed me to write an arbitrary number
of bytes to an arbitrary location in such a memory.
I would then expect a second tier of interface that talked to flash memory
of particular line lengths.
The TinyOS applications would use the general interface. The implementation
of the first tier interface would use the specific block length interfaces.
What I think I found is that the EEPROM code exposes the line lengths to the
TinyOS application.
1) Am I mixed up? Is there a general purpose interface?
2) Assuming not does anyone have an implementation of a more general scheme?
3) Should we convert to a general scheme now so higher level applications
can easily be ported to any memory part? This would also apply to reading
and writing data to remote systems...

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