[Tinyos-help] problems with tinyviz; can't simulate surge

David B. Tucker dbtucker at cs.brown.edu
Mon Jan 26 08:46:39 PST 2004

> Make sure that you exit TinyViz by selecting "Quit" from the "File" 
> menu. If you close TinyViz in other ways (e.g. by simply closing the 
> window), the simulation setup will not clean up nicely and the next time 
> you run TinyViz, it will pick up on the previous execution.

What about when TinyViz hangs and you have to kill it?  Is there any way
to reset its state?

> To visualize the state of Surge, you will need to program a base node 
> with TOSBase (or GenericBase for TinyOS versions prior to 1.1) in order 
> to snoop multihop packets. Then you can use the command "java 
> net.tinyos.surge.MainClass" to run the visualizer for Surge.

What I meant was: is there any way to get a visualization using TOSSIM
instead of actual motes?  Neither TinyViz nor Surge MainClass seem to
work, but perhaps I'm not doing the right thing (the docs are pretty



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