[Tinyos-help] three wire or nine wire serial cable

Noseong Park behack at icu.ac.kr
Tue Jan 27 07:32:34 PST 2004

The following is a guy's reply about the MicaHWVerify application's error.
Is there two kinds of serial cable, three wire and nine wire?
Hmm... If true, How can I distinguish them?
At 10:58 PM 3/18/2003 -0500, you wrote:

After following FAQ's instruction, I was able to compile the java codes 
successfully.  However I couldn't get the "Node Serial ID" to print 
out.  What I got  is "Node transmission failure".

The problem is I used a three-wire serial cable.   After using a nine-wire 
serial cable, it's working now.

- Sue-fen

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