[Tinyos-help] Battery (AA) life test results on MICA2 mote

Michael Newman mnewman at dragonnorth.com
Fri Jan 30 09:00:00 PST 2004

One empirical observation, from my work on the Sensicast development kit.

The nodes lose the ability to receive first then the ability to transmit.
This has implications for deciding when a node is alive. You can not simply
monitor how long it sends out messages, you must know how long it can
receive a message as well.


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I'm curious about how you judged the "enf-of-service" moment. Was it
continual loss of X packets at the reference mica2 or something else?

Fan YE

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 jsuh at xbow.com wrote:

> Crossbow has done an experiment to find out how long a MICA2 will work
> powered with two AA batteries.
> The experiment was to have motes programmed with the TinyOS (v 1.1.0)
> application CntToLedsAndRfm, which transmitted a TOS packet once every
> seconds. A basestation 30 meters away monitored the radio signals. The
> were run in an indoor, office environment.
> The tests showed that the motes lasted for 172 hours or more than 85% of
> rated capacity of the AA batteries. Furthermore, the MICA2 motes continued
> to work until they reached about 2.1 V. When an 85% efficient battery
> booster was used, the MICA2 motes continued to work for another 5 hours
> (4%).
> More details on this experiment can be found at
> http://www.xbow.com/Support/Support_pdf_files/MICA2_BatteryLifeTest.pdf
> <javascript: void
> Test.pdf', '_blank')> .
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> John Suh
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