[Tinyos-help] plzz help...cant start TinyDB !

Kristin Wright kwright at cs.berkeley.edu
Fri Jan 30 11:59:43 PST 2004

The files in tools/java/net/tinyos/sim/msg are generated automatically by
mig. Mig is used to generate the java version of a tinyos message structure.
This way java tools can easily access identical msg data structures without
requiring the programmer to update two sets: one in java and one in c (well,
nesc).  Take a look at the file MicaHWVerify/jmakefile - that's the makefile
for the java MicaHWVerify client. You'll see a call to mig there. 


So the question is: why haven't your mig files been generated for tinydb?
Did you try doing a 'make'  from the tools/java directory? I see that if I
do 'make' in net/tinyos/tinydb my tinyos.sim mig files are created - does
that work for you?





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hi group,


i am just now getting familliar with the TinyDB system. I hav tinyos-1.x
installed on my pc and using Mica2 with MIB500. but i am not able to start
the TinyDB system due to some errors. 

i checked for all the files and jar files too and all r in place.

installing TinyDB on motes and setting CLASSPATH is no problem.


Error comes while making the java classes. after giving the "make" command
in tinyos-1.x/tools/java/net/tinyos/tinydb directory following error appears








javac MotePlugin.java


s.sim.msg.TossimInitEvent is not public in net.tinyos.sim.msg; cannot be

d from outside package

public class TossimInitEvent extends net.tinyos.sim.msg.TossimInitEvent


MotePlugin.java:162: cannot resolve symbol

symbol  : method get_numMotes  ()

location: class net.tinyos.sim.event.TossimInitEvent

        int numMotes = tiEvent.get_numMotes();


and some more simiolar type of errors in other files too.


on checking i found out that the 'java' files in ....tinyos/sim/msg are
EMPTY . ( i mean completely blank !! ) hence i guess those files from
...sim/event which extend classes and methods from sim/msg files cannot
create any java classes. runing 'make' on sim/msg doesnt give any error but
no class files are created. how did this happen? i was wondering if thats
the problem and where wud i find these files..

thanks for ur time...plz help out




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