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We've had trouble with the Atmel being able to process all of the interrupts
and packet composition when running at 38.4kbps.  Phil Buonadonna could
probably speak more about this.  I know some groups are actually running at
38.4 instead of 19.2


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reading the Chipcon manual i found out that is is actually possible
to transnit Manchester encoded data with 38,4 kbit/s.
So what is the reason for setting the rate in CC1000Const.h only
to 19.2 kbit/s.

Isn't it reasonable to put the data rate as high as possible. This
would lead to less packet collisions becaus of decreased packet times.
Furthermore the higher data rate would lead to prolonged sleeping times
which would result in reduced energy consumption and thus longer
network lifetime.

Thanks in advance

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