[Tinyos-help] Mica2 Thermistor Readings

Haoyong Yu hyu003 at latech.edu
Thu Jun 17 20:17:01 PDT 2004

I use MTS310CA Sensor Board and MPR410CB and TinyOS1.1, I have the same problem
with Thermistor and Photo Sensor when I get readings from Thermistor and Photo
Sensor alternately. The Thermistor readings will change when I shade the Photo
Sensor, it seems to me that two sensors affect each other, is it a bug in
hardware or software. If I turn off INT1 on Photo Sensor, will Thermistor
readings not be affected by Photo Sensor? Is there other solutions to solve
this problem?
Thank you.


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I think that the example that might be the best to use
is in the tinyos-1.x/contrib/xbow/apps/XSensorMTS300 that runs on the
motes in conjuction with /tinyos-1.x/contrib/xbow/tools/src/xlisten that
runs on the PC.

One thing that remains to be clarified is why this application works
(XSensorMTS300) while simple applications that people write don't work.
In my simple application (not the XSensorMTS300) I tried to use the
component PhotoTemp along with a timer to measure only
temperature but i noticed that the thermistor ADC values changed when i
moved my hand on top of the photosensor.


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