[Tinyos-help] BaseStation and net.tinyos.tools.Listen -- tutorial lesson 4

Andrew C. Jung cjung1021 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 14:28:26 PST 2009

Hello.  I am following tutorial lesson4 which is "Mote-PC serial
communication and SerialForwarder".  TinyOS 2.0.2 is installed in Ubuntu
8.10 and I am using Mica2 motes.  I am having trouble to follow "BaseStation
and net.tinyos.tools.Listen" part.  It is saying that *"Take one of the two
nodes that had BlinkToRadio (from lesson
installed and install BaseStation on it. If you turn on the node that still
has BlinkToRadio installed, you should see LED 1 on the BaseStation
blinking. BaseStation toggles LED 0 whenever it sends a packet to the radio
and LED 1 whenever it sends a packet to the serial port. It toggles LED 2
whenever it has to drop a packet:....".

*I installed BaseStation which is in "/opt/tinyos-2.0.2/apps/BaseStation".
When I turn on the mote which still has BlinkToRadio installed, nothing
happened.  If some of you can help me, please let me know What I have to
do.  Thank you.

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