[Tinyos-help] Request for help regarding TinyBD and Smac

Gaurav Agrawal 84.gaurav.agrawal at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 12:00:04 PDT 2010

Dear Freinds,

I am a MSc student in the University of Manchester, UK working upon wireless
sensor networks for my dissertation. In my MSc dissertation project what i m
actually trying to do is to test various wireless MAC protocols on amulet2e
sensor motes. I already have the platform written for the motes specific to
tinyos 2.0. Next i was trying to simulate the MAC protocols.

1) I was trying to simulate Smac protocol. All the available Smac source
code makes smac directly run on the motes but not on any pc platform like
tossim. So i cannot first simulate it on tossim. I cannot even run the smac
on motes coz my platform is different and even the available smac code is
for tinyos1.x and i m using tinyos 2.0. So first i wanted to simulate the
protocol, check if it is perfectly working and then to go for making the
specific changes corresponding to the platform and tinyos2.0. I know the
available smac code can be simulated on ns-2 but that is something i was
really trying to avoid. Does anyone has by any chance any smac code that can
be simulated on tossim. Platform or tinyos version is not a consideration
for me at this moment. I also did put the request for the same on smac users
list long time before but didn't get any response. If anyone has even any
other MAC protocol instead of Smac but can be simulated on tossim then also
please do share it so that i can at least start working.

2) Apart from the above, i was thinking to use TinyDB, to run the protocols
on the motes, extract the data from the network and compare there
performances. But as i wrote above, i have the platform corresponding to
tinyos2.0 and i know that tinydb only runs on tinyos1.x. I have been trying
to analyze how to rewrite tinydb for tinyos2.0 but really struggling at it.
So does anyone has any code or document that can help me re-writing the
tinydb application for tinyos 2.0. I did read the Phil levis sir reply to a
similar question asked in 2007 that the tinydb application has not been re
written yet for tinyos 2.0 but that was 2007 so i think if in case anything
has been done in this regard by now then it will be really a great help.
 Phil sir request you also to please respond.

Any sort of help will be really appreciable.
Waiting eagerly for a response,

Thanks & Regards,
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