[Tinyos-help] -nesc-topdir ??

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Tue Apr 6 11:57:30 PDT 2010

Hi, silly me but I am developing outside of the tree.
In order to keep my code independent of the TOS distrib
tree, I have a separate directory will all my apps and
modified TOS files. This works just fine, and even allows
me to switch TOS versions with a few simple env-vars...

However when trying to make documentation I get this whine
about -topdir  to which I can't find only one reference of
inscrutable use in the nesc man page:

norton:Robot [548] make mica2 docs
Making documentation for Robot on mica2
nesdoc /cygdrive/c/DATA/PROJECTS/TOS/Robot/doc/nesdoc/mica2 -fnesc-is-app
-I../tos/platform/mica2 -I../tos/interfaces - I../tos/system
-finline-limit=100000 -Wall -Wshadow -DDEF_TOS_AM_GROUP=0x33 -Wnesc-all
-target=mica2 -fnesc-cfile=build/ mica2/app.c -board=micasb
-DIDENT_USER_HASH=0x95c1b737L -DIDENT_UNIX_TIME=0x4bbb81c2L Robot.nc
nesc1: ERROR: The current directory is not a subdir of one
nesc1:        of the source topdirs!  Please correct or add
nesc1:        the -nesc-topdir= options
nesc1: CWD: /cygdrive/c/DATA/PROJECTS/TOS/Robot
nesc1: TOPDIRS:
nesc1:      /opt/tinyos-1.1.7
make: *** [docs_] Error 1

Anyone know how I might go about setting this such that I
don't have to copy everything back into a tinyos-1.x tree
just to make docs?


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