[Tinyos-help] Blip: ip-driver problem on Iris mote

David Li w.david.li at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 08:41:35 PDT 2010

Hi Everyone:

I don't know if the following ip-driver driver start problem on Iris mote
has been resolved in the Blip package.

2010-04-07T07:14:14.065PST: INFO: Read config from 'serial_tun.conf'
2010-04-07T07:14:14.065PST: INFO: Using channel 15
2010-04-07T07:14:14.065PST: INFO: Retries: 5
2010-04-07T07:14:14.065PST: INFO: telnet console server running on port 6106
2010-04-07T07:14:14.066PST: INFO: created tun device: tun0
2010-04-07T07:14:20.071PST: FATAL: configuring interface failed!

I have put in  a few printfs in the serial driver code and was able to trace
it to serialsource.c: write_framed_packet() function. This function timed
out while waiting for a response back in another function source_wait().

But I am not familiar with the serial interface on the Linux how it works.
Can anyone shed some light?


- David
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