[Tinyos-help] Issue with the ADC on an Iris Mote using TinyOS 2.x

Robert F. Ammon Robert.Ammon at tufts.edu
Thu Apr 8 11:37:57 PDT 2010

(This was sent back to me because it was identified as spam by the 
mailing list and I do not think that it was actually sent to the list. 
Sorry if this is the second one I have sent)


I am currently working on a project using an Iris mote and I am having 
some problems. I have developed a custom sensor node that I have 
attached to a female 51-pin connector. There are three sensors on the 
node that are currently hooked up to ADC0-2. What I want to do is write 
a program that will sample all three of these sensors (only one has to 
be at a high rate) and perform some processing on them. The processing 
itself is simple and easy, getting the actual data to do the processing 
on? A little more complicated, at least to me. I have looked around the 
internet, the tutorials, and the mailing list for the last several days 
and have just ended up more confused than before.

I have seen differing opinions on how to sample several sensors at 
once, I have seen several opposing views on what files to modify or 
create, and so on and so forth. Could someone please explain (or point 
me in the direction of a guide) how you can sample several channels of 
the ADC at once and store that data in a buffer?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Robert Ammon

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