[Tinyos-help] jtag debugging in imote2

VINITA DAIYA vinita.daiya at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 01:28:47 PDT 2010

I have designed my parallel port jtag debugger as per availableon net.
And i am using openocd, as per the steps mentioned in link:

on installing using openocd first that program get complied and i get
i get following things:

warning: `CIF.initDMA' called asynchronously from `CIF.startOfFrame'
    compiled cameraJpegTestC to build/intelmote2/main.exe
           50216 bytes in ROM
           10844 bytes in RAM
            9216 bytes in STACK
          242084 bytes available in HEAP
tos-set-symbols --objcopy xscale-elf-objcopy --objdump
xscale-elf-objdump --target binary build/intelmote2/main.exe
build/intelmote2/main.bin.out-100 TOS_NODE_ID=100
Could not find symbol ActiveMessageAddressC$addr in
build/intelmote2/main.exe, ignoring symbol.
Could not find symbol TOS_NODE_ID in build/intelmote2/main.exe, ignoring symbol.
    installing intelmote2 binary using imote2-ocd-program.py
Programming imote2 with binary: build/intelmote2/main.bin.out-100
Starting OpenOCD...

After this Starting OpenOCD nothing happens, i am not able to get what
is actual problem.

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