[Tinyos-help] Error when receiving matrix values

Sindra Dk asma_192 at live.fr
Sat Apr 10 13:39:09 PDT 2010

Hi all,im working on copression algorithm and i use TinyOS 2.xi send an image from PC to mote i decompressed it then when i resend it to PCi get an error on its pixels value:
Original matrixuint8_t A[i][j]={{172,132,4,39},{23,127,5,4},{44,7,6,9},{77,211,19,5}};
$ java TestSerial -comm serial at com5:telosSending packet 0serial at com5:115200: resynchronisingSending packet 1Received packet sequence number 1l'affichage  est:-29  (wrong value)               l'affichage  est:26l'affichage  est:-32l'affichage  est:-17l'affichage  est:-87  (wrong value)l'affichage  est:19l'affichage  est:-48l'affichage  est:5l'affichage  est:77l'affichage  est:17l'affichage  est:72l'affichage  est:-18l'affichage  est:-118l'affichage  est:-4l'affichage  est:85l'affichage  est:-8
***************************************Display matrix as C is: 227   (this is a true value)26-32-17169.5  (this is a true value)19.5-48.55.5771772-18-118.5-4.585.5-8.5i don't know why i can't display values higher than 127!!!can any one help me please? and thanks in advance.Ragards,Sindra 		 	   		  
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