[Tinyos-help] Mote stuck with TKN154, please help me!

Anh Dung Vu anhdungcha at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 12 01:38:05 PDT 2010

Hi everyone!

I need some help from anyone interest in TK154. I use the latest CVS version. Telosb mote.

(*) I have 3 node topology n1 <-> n2 <-> n3. n3 transfer data to n1 via n2.( n1 is PAN Coordinator. n2 is Cluster head. n3 is sensor node)
- n1 starts the network with MLME_START.
- n2 starts the sub network with MLME_START.-> received data from n3 with MCPS_DATA.indication -> MLME_SCAN -> synchronize to n1 with MLME_SYNC.request ->
send receiving data with MCPS_DATA.request -> start network again.
- n3 scan/track beacon with MLME_SCAN & MLME_SYNC.request  -> join sub network with MLME_ASSOCIATE.request -> MLME_ASSOCIATE.confirm=Success -> send data with MCPS_DATA.request

(*) Now my n3 can transfer data to n1 via n2. But they didn't work well, I have a problem with n2, in first period time (60 - 100 seconds) n2 ran ok, n2 received data from n3 and send to n1, then n2 fall into stuck state, it will not run any function such as: received, send, start, scan... So I refer from Berkeley forum about ResetC function and apply it to my code but n2 still not reset. I must press reset button.

(*) I have some questions:
- Is there any stop function for MLME_START, MLME_SCAN...? how to handle them and just call when I want and then stop to call another function.
- Is there any solution to get stuck status in NesC? it's mean when my mote fall into stuck state, I can call reset function in this part.

I appreciate any answer or suggestion for me, this will help me much. Thanks in advance.

With my best regard!

Dzung Vu Anh.

NGN LAB - Computer Engineering 
AnDong National University - Andong si - South Korea
Tel: +82 54 -820 -7944
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