[Tinyos-help] Request for help in rewriting TinyDB for TinyOS2.0

Gaurav Agrawal 84.gaurav.agrawal at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 15:29:30 PDT 2010

Dear  Friends,

First of all thanks to all who have been constantly replying to the problems
of the students in this mail list. Request all of you to also please help me
now, as i desperately need it. In my project what i m actually trying to do
is to test various wireless MAC protocols on amulet2e sensor motes. I have
already written the platform for the motes specific to TinyOS 2.0. Next what
i was planning to do was to rewrite the TinyDB for TinyOS 2.0 so as to
run TinyDB on my motes. I know that right now TinyDB has been written just
to work with TinyOS 1.x but has anyone by any chance has any such document /
code that can help me to re-write TinyDB for TinyOS 2.0. Actually i have
been trying to analyze what all needs to be done for this but was really
struggling as TinyOS 2.0 is a complete re-write of TinyOS1.x.

Just to let everyone know, what i am basically trying to do is to make
the TinyDB first work. Then as we know that TinyDB has a MAC in it which it
runs to communicate with other nodes. So i will try to modify the TinyDB MAC
to the various other mac protocols like SMAC, BMAC, TMAC. Extract data from
the motes using modified TinyDB running my MAC protocol and compare the
performances of these protocols.

Dear Phil i would also request you to please respond. If in case you don't
have any such document /code then what alternate solution you would suggest
to me as per what i have described about what i want to do in my project.

Waiting eagerly for a response,

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