[Tinyos-help] Change CC2420 transmission power during runtime?

martin.osterloh at tu-ilmenau.de martin.osterloh at tu-ilmenau.de
Thu Apr 15 04:31:27 PDT 2010


I just tried out something. Every time, when a timer fires, I send a packet.
After that, I increase the transmission power.

It is basically like this:

uint8_t transmit_power = 10;

call CC2420Packet.setPower( &pkt , transmit_power );

if( call AMSend.send( AM_BROADCAST_ADDR, &pkt, sizeof(report_msg) ) == SUCCESS )
      is_radio_busy = TRUE;
      call Leds.led2Toggle();

      if( transmit_power == 32 )
          transmit_power = 10;

The current transmit_power value and RSSI value is also stored in the packet.

Now, I deployed the scenario with 4 base stations. The RSSI value should at
least change during the runtime of the program on the mote. But I always get
the same RSSI value (it is different on each base station but every packet on
the one base station should result in a slightly different RSSI value I guess).

So, I am not quite sure, if it is possible to set the transmission power like
this? Anyone experience with that?


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