[Tinyos-help] Buffering message_t structures

David Piotrowski tinyos at zeroflag.eu
Sat Apr 17 08:00:42 PDT 2010

Hi again,

thank you Michael for your answer. I rewrote the code that is responsible for sending the buffered message_t structures and now most of the problems I had before are gone. The messages are properly sent to the desired destination address after reading them from the buffer. I did not change the buffer at all and it seems to me like the buffer is working just fine. There's one thing left though I could not find a reason or even a solution for. None of the packets that are read from the buffer and then sent get a proper acknowledgement. All other packet I can get acknowledgements for but never for the buffered ones although they are received correctly by the destination node. I am requesting acknowledgements via the PacketAcknowledgements.requestAck() command just before invoking the AMPacket.send() command. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Thanks for your answers so far.


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