[Tinyos-help] [help] The relationship between RSSI and RF power

wx li wofanli at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 02:28:07 PDT 2010

hi, all.
I have do some experiments using TinyOS2.x/Telosb. And the result makes me

I changed the level of  RF power by modifying the Makefile. As below:
include $(MAKERULES)

After that, I wrote a small program to test it.
Having changed RF power to 1, it will loses almost half the packets with a
communication distance of half meter. At the same time ,the RSSI value of
the received packets is about 45 dbm.
However, when i set the RF power level back to 31, it delivery almost all
packets when the RSSI value is 45 dbm.
I don't know why..
PS: I read the RSSI value using

Thank you for your any help!!

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