[Tinyos-help] 802.15.4 stack on Iris mote (RF230)

Lionel Croix lionel.croix at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 22:52:10 PDT 2010


I am currently working on a project where I have to make communicate
different kind of motes together: Iris motes based on TinyOS 2.x in one side
and a device with an Xbee component (from Digi) on the other side. They are
both 802.15.4 compliant but I have problems to make them communicate.
Iris motes can hear packet from Xbee but Xbee cannot see packets from Iris.
I think it's because the Xbee component keeps only packets from devices
which are in his 802.15.4 network.

So, I want to implement the 802.15.4 protocol stack on my Iris motes to
create a network with both devices. The problem is that I find a 802.15.4
protocol stack only for micaz and TelosB motes, so with a CC2420 radio
(stack developed by open-zb) and not for my RF230 radio.
First, I'm surprised that there is no stack for Iris motes already
developed, is it that or did I miss something?

Then, I'm trying to translate the open-zb stack to make it work on my motes,
but it seems a really big work, is there something to help me to do this, or
do I have to do the whole thing?

Thanks in advance,
Lionel Croix
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