[Tinyos-help] How to retrieve data from sensors?

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I used the same CD from Crossbow. You can launch the TinyOS 1.x examples
either from cygwin Windows or any other file in your computer. I took the
net.tinyos.* packages in a Java editor and checked the classes dependecies,
then you could take the .class file by compiling and execute java command in
any path by including the libraries in Classpath variable.


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Hi there,

Our lab has recently purchased a few crossbow wireless sensor network. 
We follow the quick start guide and set up the virtual serial port on 
the PC. But there is no information on how to retrieve data from the 
sensors. We checked the website, it is for tinyos 2.x, but what we 
installed from the CD (with the shipment of the sensors) is version 1.x. 
We also tried to follow the tutorial in the documentation center, 
"Lesson 6: Displaying Data on a PC". To start using the Oscilloscope 
GUI, it says

1. To run the serial forwarder, cd to tools/java and run the program

  java net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder -comm serial at COM1:<baud rate>

2. Leaving the serial forwarder running, execute the command

  java net.tinyos.oscope.oscilloscope

This will pop up a window containing a graphical display of the sensor 
readings from the mote.

It is simply too brief for  to be followed: in which window shall we run 
these commands (cywin? java?)? under which directory should it be run? 
Similar problem with the online help in http://www.tinyos.net/. What 
exactly shall we do to view and retrieve data onto a computer? Please 
advice. Thank you in advance.



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