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Carlo Desogus carlo_desogus at yahoo.it
Fri Apr 23 07:40:09 PDT 2010

Hi, i have  a problem when i try to run the oscilloscope java application in netbeans. 
I`m working with tinyOS 2.1.1. under ubuntu 9.10.

From the terminal i don`t have any problem, instead from netbeans the code is compiled but don`t run.
The error is:

getenv JNI library not found. Env.getenv will not work
(run the tos-install-jni tool, see man tos-install-jni for more details)

sf at localhost:9002 died - exiting (java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused)
Java Result: 2
BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 3 seconds)


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