[Tinyos-help] Using Eclipse For JAVA programs .

Michael Schippling schip at santafe.edu
Sat Apr 24 06:37:29 PDT 2010

See my recent reply to:
     "[Tinyos-help] Can the java code be compiled under windows xp?"
and search back on this list for similar.


himanshu barve wrote:
> I am continuing previous thread. 
> Now i have to install one application which i have developed with 
> cygwin, tos tools on windows. 
> If i have to install it on new PC(with any os) , do i need to follow all 
> steps (as given on tinyos.net <http://tinyos.net>) to install tinyos ? 
> What i require on new pc is just toscomm.dll (and any other files which 
> java program uses). I am not going to use new PC for development of new 
> nesC code.  
> In simple language,  what procedure should i apply so that, 
> on any pc(with any OS) i can run my java code which uses toscomm library. 
> Sorry if i have said it complicatedly .. !!  
> Thanks in advance. 
> Himanshu

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