[Tinyos-help] Using Eclipse For JAVA programs .

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On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 9:31 PM, himanshu barve <himu.bar at gmail.com> wrote:

> You said,
> You should be able to compile TOS java code anywhere that
> javac works...as long as you have the tinyos jar file or
> class directory in your  CLASSPATH. *In order to run the code
> you will also need the comm and getenv JNI libs and supporting
> files in your JRE.*
> If i have not installed tos rpm how can i get those toscomm and getenv jni libs in JRE ?
doesn't have anything to do with the tinyos rpms.  rather it is part of a
java installation.  On the Ubuntu box I'm running, I have the following


> On 24 April 2010 19:07, Michael Schippling <schip at santafe.edu> wrote:
>> See my recent reply to:
>>    "[Tinyos-help] Can the java code be compiled under windows xp?"
>> and search back on this list for similar.
>> MS
>> himanshu barve wrote:
>>> I am continuing previous thread. Now i have to install one application
>>> which i have developed with cygwin, tos tools on windows. If i have to
>>> install it on new PC(with any os) , do i need to follow all steps (as given
>>> on tinyos.net <http://tinyos.net>) to install tinyos ? What i require on
>>> new pc is just toscomm.dll (and any other files which java program uses). I
>>> am not going to use new PC for development of new nesC code.
>>> In simple language,  what procedure should i apply so that, on any
>>> pc(with any OS) i can run my java code which uses toscomm library.
>>> Sorry if i have said it complicatedly .. !!
>>> Thanks in advance. Himanshu
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