[Tinyos-help] how do i find where a value is being generated?

Michiel Konstapel m.konstapel at sownet.nl
Mon Apr 26 04:28:51 PDT 2010

Now that is interesting - I've recently noticed the same thing myself.
Is something redefining FAIL, somewhere?


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I have a fairly complex program and I'm seeing some of my return codes
not coming back correctly.


that is when I look at the app.c file, I see


return 0x0080


but the original source code is return FAIL  and FAIL is an enum set to


I've looked through all the source code looking for 0080 and trying to
find where FAIL is being changed

and I'm baffled.


Suggestions on how to find out what is going on?



Eric B. Decker
Senior (over 50 :-) Researcher

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