[Tinyos-help] How to distinguish 2 packet types at one base station?

Eric Decker cire831 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 04:09:18 PDT 2010

You have to modify the base station s/w so that it looks at the packet type
and does something different.

So it can't be the standard base station.  If you want it to do something
different you
will have to change the source.

On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 4:01 AM, <martin.osterloh at tu-ilmenau.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> maybe a simple question. I have one base station and my mote sends 2
> different
> packet types (one with AM_ID = 6 and the other one AM_ID = 7).
> How can I distinguish them at the base station? My base station code is
> pretty
> much the same that is in the tinyos tree.
> Any suggestions how to do this?
> Best,
> Martin
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